Dress Code

September 12th, 2014

Parents are responsible for seeing that their children arrive at school appropriately dressed, clean and ready to learn. We have adopted the following dress code for students:

    1. Clothing is to be clean, properly fitting, and appropriate for the weather.
    2. Clothing with inappropriate writing or pictures is not permitted.
    3. All skirts and shorts are to be of appropriate length.
    4. Students must wear appropriate shoes or boots. No flip flops, high heels, platform heels, “backless” shoes, or shoes with wheels are allowed at any time for safety reasons. Sneakers or tennis shoes are encouraged.
    5. Students may not wear baggy clothing, tank or strapless/spaghetti-strap tops, or belly shirts.
    6. Students may not wear hairstyles/colors, chains, tattoos, bandannas, artificial nails, hats, jewelry (no body piercing or dangly earrings), gang-associated or other clothing that may distract from the educational process.
    7. Hats/bandannas/hoods are not to be worn inside the school building.


We have air-conditioning in every classroom and rooms tend to stay very cool. Our “shorts season” generally runs from Derby Day to Harvest Homecoming. However, the principal may communicate through the newsletter to let parents know when “short season” begins and ends based on the overall temperature of the building. Students are not allowed to wear jackets, coats, or hooded sweatshirts in the classrooms. Children should dress comfortably for physical activity and stretch breaks. Tennis shoes are required for physical education classes. Please note that students may not have their pictures made on “picture day” in anything that normally would not be considered acceptable dress for school.